RSPCA Cymru has expressed disappointment that no plans to implement a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses were included in the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday.

This suggests the UK Government will fail to introduce a ban by the end of the present Parliament.

Previously, the Welsh Government has stated its willingness to allow the UK Government to legislate on its behalf on this issue.

However, following a worrying lack of progress at Westminster, RSPCA Cymru is renewing its call for the Minister for Natural Resources and Food to take action and ensure wild animals in Wales are no longer forced to suffer in the circus environment.

Claire Lawson, RSPCA Cymru’s Head of External Affairs, said: “Wild animals have no place in circuses.

“Sadly, it now seems that Parliamentary time will be allowed to run out with no outright ban introduced by this UK Government.

“RSPCA Cymru now urges the Welsh Government to take action and end the suffering of wild animals in circuses by introducing a ban here.

“A ban is supported by the overwhelming majority of the Welsh public, and the time has come for the Welsh Government to act and finally put an end to this cruel practice.”