The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog in Sheerness, Kent was starved to half his body weight.

We were called after Rouger, a male chocolate-coloured bull breed type thought to be around two to three years old, was taken into a vets in nearby Minster on Sea on Wednesday 30 April.

He was extremely emaciated, weighing just 13 kg, and all his bones were visible.

RSPCA inspector Vikki Dawes said: “The vet said that for Rouger to get into such a bad state he must have either been starved  completely for a short period of time, such as a week, or given very little food for a long period of time.

“Either way hIMGP0008 (8)e would have suffered a great deal – and I have no doubt he would have been starved to death had he not been found and handed into us.

“It is such a shame as he is such a lovely dog. As ravenous as he must have been, he still sat waiting patiently for his food, as we prepared it, in such a sweet-natured way.

“We urge anyone with any information on this one to come forward and let us know, in complete confidence, on 0300 123 8018.”

It is believed that Rouger came from the Delamark road area of Sheerness. He has been taken into RSPCA care and is now putting on weight and making a good recovery.