During Rabbit Awareness Week we are appealing for new homes for our bouncing bunnies.

Rabbit Awareness Week runs from May 10 – May 18 and encourages owners to take ‘one small hop’ to improve their pets health.

To celebrate this we are hoping to raise the profile of all the rabbits needing homes in our care.

These five beautiful bunnies are at our Manchester and Salford branch and all need loving homes.

Susie Hughes, manager at the RSPCA Manchester and Salford branch said:

“What type of home a rabbit needs can depend on the personality of each individual bunny.


“Some rabbits – like Alpro – would make perfect house rabbits because they love human company and like to be fussed on demand.


“Others would find being in a house stressful and need their own outdoor space to move around in.


Most rabbits would prefer to be with a neutered partner of the opposite sex, but they need to get on with each other as well or this can be stressful.


“Although they are complex creatures, if you win a bunny’s trust it can be very rewarding.”

Full to capacity

Our Manchester and Salford branch has 36 rabbits in its care and are full to capacity.

During rabbit awareness week the branch is offering free microchipping and neutering vouchers for rabbits through a local vet.


Alpro the rabbit © RSPCAAlpro is a long stay rabbit who has been looking for a home for a year. She is a bit bossy and a little cheeky.

If you walk straight up to her and give her a good head stroke she will enjoy a fuss for hours.

Alpro even likes dozing off on your knee when she’s in the right mood.

Alpro would be happiest as a single house rabbit where she can have your undivided attention.


Sandra the rabbit © RSPCAStunning Sandra is a harlequin lionhead with the most beautiful coat.

She’s looking for a new home after she was removed from poor conditions. She has only been in our care a short while so she is still settling in.

Sandra has been neutered and is ready to be bonded with a neutered bunny boyfriend.

Rod and Maggie

Rod the rabbit © RSPCARod (left) and Maggie (right) are a pair of gorgeous bunnies. Rod is a fawn male and Maggie is a chinchilla/cream female lionhead cross. Both rabbits have now been neutered and are looking for a home together.

Maggie the rabbit © RSPCARod investigates every nook and cranny and tries to be in five places all at once. Maggie is a very loyal girlfriend to Rod. She doesn’t like him straying too far and will try and follow him on his big adventures. Rod and Maggie are a very friendly and entertaining pair of rabbits who compliment each other very well.

They would make excellent companion animals for someone with a large, outdoor enclosure where they can roam around the garden or would make great indoors bunnies for someone wanting a comedy double act to watch instead of the telly!


Blue the rabbit © RSPCABlue is a stunning lionhead cross. He’s a young chap with a very cheeky nature and a gorgeous fawn coat.

Being a young lad he doesn’t care much for being handled. He will tolerate being picked up for a quick brush and a cuddle but that’s it.

Blue loves having lots of different platforms to jump between. He likes to practice his Spiderman moves by hopping from one platform to the other and diving through tunnels.

To see all the rabbits looking for a new home visit our pet search page.

We can’t do it without you

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