One of our rescue pigs has finally landed on his trotters after being adopted by comedian John Bishop and his family.

John and Milo © RSPCAMilo the pot bellied pig was snapped up by the family after a video of him was spotted online.

The three-year-old black pig was being cared for at our Block Fen Animal Centre in Cambridgeshire after originally being found wandering around a housing estate in Leicestershire in February 2012 by one of our inspectors.

He was briefly rehomed in March 2012 but then returned in June due to a change in family circumstances.

After home checks made sure the Bishop household had the necessary facilities to care for Milo, he was moved in on 16 April using a livestock trailer.

Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals

Jackie Williams, Block Fen manager, said:

“John’s wife contacted us after seeing a video of Milo on our website – she said she just fell in love with him then and there.


“We are delighted John and his family have adopted him after his difficult start in life. They are obviously very excited about the new member of their family and have taken great care to ensure they have everything he needs.


“Some people buy pigs on a whim and think you can just keep them in the back garden – which is why we get animals like Milo handed in. But they are highly intelligent, social animals who need to be given very specific care.


“We always have to do very thorough home checks to make sure they will be properly looked after. However in this case it looks like he has found a brilliant new home and will be very spoiled.


“I just hope we can find such happy forever homes for all the other animals we have waiting for them.”

Pigs need very specific care

Pigs prefer to be in the company of other pigs, not kept inside a person’s house and also need to be treated by a vet who is knowledgeable about the breed.  They need plenty of space outside and things to occupy them as well as a suitable shelter.

You can find more information on the requirements for ensuring the welfare of a pig and the many legal requirements on our pigs as pets pages.

To see all of the animals in our care looking for a new home visit our pet search page.

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