Wednesday 2 April 2014

RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a cat was shot in the face with a pellet gun in Wrexham.

Lindsey Brough of Greenfields in Burton was horrified when she noticed that her three-year-old tortoiseshell cat, Izzy had an airgun pellet lodged in her nose. It is uncertain when the shooting occurred but Ms Brough first noticed the injury yesterday (Tuesday 1 April).

She said: “Izzy came in yesterday morning and went to sleep on my bed so I went to check up on her and that’s when I noticed something metal in her nose. I phoned the vet immediately and she had treatment to remove the pellet. The vet says she is lucky to be alive and there may be some permanent damage to her nostril.

“I am now worried because Izzy loves to be outside.  We live in a very rural area so it would feel cruel to keep her locked inside. What concerns me the most is that Izzy always stays close to home, therefore whoever shot her could be close by.

“Izzy is a wonderful cat, she is part of our family.  She’s fantastic with the children and to know someone purposely hurt her had me sobbing my heart out and my five year old daughter is also very upset.”


Izzy is lucky to be alive after being shot with a pellet gun

Inspector Kia Thomas who is investigating the incident said: “Air rifle and similar attacks do seem to be a recurring theme in RSPCA inspectors’ work and cause a lot of pain and even death to those unfortunate animals caught by a pellet.

“They also cause suffering, worry and expense to pets’ owners and we would urge any pet owner who has experienced such incidents themselves or in their area to report straight to us and to alert their local community who may be able to help keep an eye out.

“Attacks like this are punishable under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and could result in a prison sentence of up to six months and/or a fine of up to £20,000.

“In the meantime, if anyone has seen or heard anything suspicious relating to this incident, please call the inspector’s information line in confidence on 0300 123 8018.

If you would like to help the RSPCA, you can give £3 now by texting HELP to 78866 (Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message).