Our Freedom Food higher animal welfare labelling scheme has today sensationally revealed a new egg phenomenon.

On one higher welfare farm in the UK, a recent discovery could change forever the way eggs are packed, distributed and eaten in future.

Square eggs in a nest © Freedom FoodEgg farmer Ian Hatchett was the first to make the remarkable discovery at his Flair Loop farm in Suffolk.

“I’ve farmed free range eggs for over ten years, and I’ve seen all sorts of eggs, different sizes, colours, double or triple yolks, but I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw square eggs appearing in the nesting boxes! I know, it sounds incredible, I still can’t believe it myself, but they are still laying them and we’re collecting them up.


“It started earlier this month, but I’ve no idea why – we haven’t changed anything around the farm, although this current flock is the first time we have chosen the new ‘Floral Poi’ breed of hen, but they still enjoy the freedom to safely roam the land here, foraging for treats, nosing around, finding shade and shelter from the weather, just like they would do naturally, but then a handful just started laying square eggs, and then more followed.


“When I contacted Freedom Food, they were equally intrigued and sent down one of their experts to check out the phenomenon.”

Something that has never been seen before

Flora Pilo from Freedom Food, added:

“It’s remarkable, I’ve been visiting higher welfare farms for over 20 years and seen lots of improvements for both farming and hens, but this is something that, as far as I know, has never been seen before.


Square eggs © Freedom Food“These incredible hens are a winning combination all round as far as we can see. The hens are in fine shape and untroubled by the changes and the egg packers are exploring how changes to collection and packaging these square eggs could save money for consumers.”

All round good egg

Speed, safety and waste are all key in food production and programme research from local packers Hammond Eggs reveals potential savings with the new straight-edged foodstuff. April Fuller from Hammond Eggs confirms that this will be achieved;

“Mainly through simplified collection, packaging and transportation procedures.


“It’s nothing short of an egg-olution!, the shape of your traditional egg has always led to difficulties in handling – they are always rolling all over the place, with losses expected from hen to home. These new square eggs stay put and boil beautifully square. And new boxes should be simpler to produce too – no more excessively wasteful packaging.”

Farmer Hatchett concludes

Cooked square egg © Freedom Food“We’re really excited about it, we haven’t squared the circle yet and there is still some work to do if we are going to roll this out more widely, but having the Freedom Food brand full square behind us at this stage is really encouraging.”

Look out for the new Freedom Food square eggs, rolling out in selected stores from Tuesday 1 April and watch the TV news report online at www.freedomfood.co.uk/squareeggs.

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