We are appealing for help to track down the owner of a herd of ponies found wandering in farmland in Oxfordshire.

Black and white mare © RSPCAThe five mares thought to range in age from eight to 12 years old were discovered loose on fields in Burford, Oxford last weekend.

RSPCA Inspector Doug Davidson managed to catch and transport the ponies with the help of Blue Cross pet charity’s equine team.

Doug said:

“The farmers had managed to get the ponies into a fallow field, but the dry stone walling was designed for sheep and was too low for the ponies so there was the risk they could escape onto the roads.


Brown and white mare © RSPCA“The vet checked them over and found that two of them were lame, one severely, and another was severely emaciated.


“Thames Valley Police seized them and signed them over to the RSPCA’s care. The Blue Cross team were fantastic helping us with these horses and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

Horse abandonment not uncommon

Brown and white mare © RSPCAThe herd were rescued on Tuesday (March 11) and are currently under veterinary care. Unfortunately, although microchipping is a legal requirement, none of the ponies are microchipped or have identification marks. If no owner can be found within 21 days they will be put up for rehoming.

Doug added:

“I would really like to speak to the owner of these ponies and would like to hear from anyone who recognises them or who knows who owns them.


“Sadly this sort of incident is not uncommon. The country is in the grip of a horse crisis with horses regularly being dumped dead or dying and charities like the RSPCA and Blue Cross having to pick up the pieces.”

Can you help

If anyone has any information about this incident  they are urged to contact the inspector’s information line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector Doug Davidson.

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