Friday 24 January 2014

The Llys Nini Animal Centre in Swansea is making a special appeal for new homes for around 50 cats who have battled a life-threatening illness but are now fit and well and desperately in need of loving homes.

The animal centre has had a very difficult time over the past few months with staff having to battle a potentially fatal illness in their cattery.

The Swansea based animal rescue centre had to stop taking in abandoned, abused and cruelty case cats in mid November due to a disease; Feline Panluecopenia. The disease can be fatal to unvaccinated cats – they need special care and sometimes even need to be hospitalised. Now after two months of intensive nursing the cats at Llys Nini have recovered and are desperately in need of homes.

Gary Weeks, Animal Centre Manager, said “It has been very hard on the cats and staff who have nursed them. The disease is not uncommon in rescue centres like ours. We take in the most  vulnerable cats, we don’t know if they are vaccinated or if they are carrying diseases.

“We have had to close our cattery and not been able to rehome any cats or take any new cats in. That has been a very difficult and upsetting time, some kittens died and we know that there have been hundreds of cats needing our help and we have not been in a position to take them in. But now we are very nearly back to normal, we need to rehome the recovered cats, so we can undertake a deep clean and start to rescue the backlog of cats needing our help.

“All our cats are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before adoption and in order to find these cats homes as soon as possible the usual adoption fee will be waived”.

There are about 50 cats at Llys Nini who have been nursed back to health and need loving homes in order to make way for the hundreds of cats needing to come into the centre. The cats can be rehomed into a home, either as the sole cat or with other cats as long as the others are fully vaccinated.

Anybody who can give one of these cats a home should contact the animal centre and make an appointment to see the cats. Llys Nini’s normal adoption procedures will be in place but in an effort to get these cats into new homes the normal adoption fee will be waived.

Llys Nini in Penllergaer Swansea is open every day except Wednesdays from 11 to 3.45 and those wishing to make an appointment to see the cats should contact us on 01792 229435 or

Some of the cats now looking for homes can be seen at

Cattery staff on Christmas Day tending the animals.
Some of the cats that need loving homes