RSPCA inspectors have been putting themselves in harms way throughout the recent bad weather in order to rescue animals in danger. Many of these rescues have been complicated and dangerous and the demands on our inspectors have been enormous.

Latest flood rescue – Christchurch horses

Seven cob type horses have today (Saturday 4 January 2014) been successfully rescued from flooded fields in Christchurch, Dorset and moved to a safe dry area with food and water, ready for transportation tomorrow.

This was a very dangerous situation and one of the hardest type of rescues the RSPCA undertake. These horses were wild and uncooperative and there was a fast flowing river next to the flooded field.

The rescue had been planned over a number of days and took several hours to complete using various techniques at the teams disposal. Two police officers were present to ensure public safety and close off the road during certain parts of the operation.

We are very grateful to a member of the public who has offered the use of her transporter. These horses are wild, therefore the rescue will conclude tomorrow when all seven horses can be transported together. As a strong, established herd they must be transported together in order to minimise stress and make the loading and unloading safer for the rescuers.

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An RSPCA rescue team wades through flood waters in Christchurch. Credit: Fire Aid/Simon Rowley

We can understand the public’s desire help animals in distress during the floods, however, the RSPCA and police are urging people not to attempt this as there is a significant risk to human life in doing so.

Further information:

With more flood warnings in place across England & Wales, we’re urging our supporters and their animals to stay safe. We have put together this flood advice for those with pets or livestock – please read it and do take care.