Would you like to use your skills and experience in becoming one of the RSPCA’s charity trustees?

Our Council discusses plans for the RSPCA and makes the decisions that will affect how we deal with animal issues in the future.

The RSPCA Council comprises up to 25 volunteers elected to serve as trustees of the charity.

Fifteen Council members are elected by the votes of the whole RSPCA membership and serve for three years, retiring on a rotational basis.

This year, Council members Adrian Donno, Barbara Gardner, Christopher Laurence, Sally Phillips and Christina Tomlinson are due to retire and may seek re-election.

The role

RSPCA trustees are responsible for the effective leadership and direction of the charity and decide upon policy, strategy and the allocation of funds.

They are expected to attend at least six day-long Council meetings each year, together with some other panel and committee meetings.

How to apply

Nomination forms for election to the RSPCA Council, together with an information pack about the role of the trustee, can be obtained in four ways.

Submit an online enquiry.

To use this service you will first need to log-in or register as a user of My RSPCA.

Email elections@rspca.org.uk

Telephone 0300 123 0369

This number is for election enquiries only.

Write to:

The Returning Officer
Executive Department
Wilberforce Way
West Sussex
RH13 9RS

When requesting a nomination form, you will need to state your name, address, postcode, and membership number.

The closing date for receipt of completed nomination forms is 3pm on Friday, 7 March 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible to apply you must have been an RSPCA member for at least five consecutive years immediately prior to Friday, 7 March 2014.

What happens next?

On Wednesday 7 May 2014, RSPCA members will be sent details about each of the candidates standing for election as a Council member. Members will be able to register their votes by post or electronically.

The results will be announced at the RSPCA’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 14 June 2014 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.

• For information about how the national Council election is governed, read RSPCA Byelaw VII (52 KB PDF).

Election of regional representatives

In addition to their role as an RSPCA Council member, the duties of a regional representative are concerned largely with representing regional and branch views at Council.

Our branches are separately registered charities that contribute substantially to the provision of animal welfare and other services throughout England and Wales.

Regional representatives are elected every three years and there are 10 regional seats to be filled in 2014.

In January 2014 all branch secretaries will be notified that the elections of regional representatives are to take place. Branch secretaries are required to bring the matter before their branch committee for the purposes of nominating a candidate.

Branch secretaries must return completed nomination forms to the Chief Executive by Friday 31 January 2014.

• For information about how the regional Council election is governed, read RSPCA Byelaw V (17 KB PDF).

Find out more about the RSPCA Council and the role of charity trustees.