Tuesday 17 December 2013
RSPCA Newport animal centre is appealing for donations to pay for two operations needed for six year-old Sharpei cross, Stella.

Stella was brought to the centre because of concerns for her welfare as she needed specialist medical care for a hernia and entropia. Entropia is a condition that affects certain breeds of dogs and is caused when there is excess skin in the eyelids, that leads to irritation.

Lovely Sharpei cross Stella needs two operations

Deputy Manager at the centre, Rebecca Jeffery said: “Stella is a lovely dog who is very affectionate, loves playing with her toys and learning commands for treat rewards.

“She will make someone a great pet, but first we need to get her these operations which will dramatically improve her quality of life then we are hopeful she can find her forever home.

“If you are able to help her then any donation no matter how big or small will help.”

Stella needs two operations that are going to cost £700, plus her before and after care at the centre.

Donations can be made by post or in person at RSPCA Newport animal centre, Hartridge Farm Road Newport, NP18 2LL or telephone the centre on 0300 123 0744 for more information.

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