RSPCA Cymru has welcomed the decision of Caerphilly County Borough Council to ban the use of sky lanterns on their land.

Caerphilly Council’s ruling extends to all land owned by the local authority, including public parks, and follows the passing of a motion at a full council meeting earlier this week.

The announcement is further to a ban previously introduced by Conwy County Borough Council. In October, the Minister for Natural Resources and Food wrote to local authorities in Wales … Continue reading…

A volunteer who works on the Hastings Wild Things project at RSPCA Mallydams has won a national award for team work.


Penny Haselfoot, who lives in Pett in East Sussex, received the Team Working Award from Natural England under their Access to Nature Volunteer awards at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on Tuesday 19 November. Television presenter of the BBC Countryfile programme, John Craven, gave out the awards.


Penny has been volunteering at the wildlife centre since 2008. She … Continue reading…


We are calling on our supporters to contact their MEPs urging them to add their signature of support for clearer labelling of welfare standards on meat.

A Written Declaration (WD) has been tabled in the European Parliament calling for compulsory method of slaughter labelling on meat and poultry products which are from animals which haven’t been pre-stunned.

We believe that if method of slaughter labelling becomes a requirement within the EU, it will provide consumers with clearer information about … Continue reading…

Grey seal entered a cooling chamber at Anglesey’s Wylfa nuclear power station.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

A seal has had a lucky escape after strong currents dragged her into a nuclear power station on Anglesey in north Wales.


Staff alerted the RSPCA after discovering the female grey seal in one of the cooling chambers at the Wylfa power station near Cemaes Bay.

Seals sometimes get dragged along by the strong currents created by the power station and … Continue reading…

 Female cat had been trapped in Llandudno property for at least 15 days

 Wednesday 20 November 2013

The RSPCA is searching for the owner of a cat found trapped inside an empty building in Llandudno.

The female tabby cat was spotted in an upstairs window of a house on Great Ormes road by a member of the public who contacted the RSPCA.

When inspectors arrived they discovered that the house was boarded up and estate agents had to be called … Continue reading…