Two men have been arrested by police on suspicion of animal welfare offences as part of the RSPCA’s ongoing investigations into the sale of sick puppies.


Warrants were executed at two addresses in Oldham yesterday morning (Wednesday 27 November). Officers from the RSPCA’s special operations unit attended along with uniformed inspectors and officers from Greater Manchester Police.


A total of 23 puppies were seized at one property, including Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas and pomeranians. Two needed treatment following inspection … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after three Greylag geese were hit by a vehicle on Navigation Road in York on Monday (25 November).


The incident happened at about 2.40pm.  RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Helen Martindale arrived less than half an hour later to find that two of the birds had been killed.


She took the third goose to the vets but sadly it had to be put to sleep after suffering terrible injuries to its wing … Continue reading…

People in County Durham are being urged to be an #AnimalHero this weekend by supporting RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre and going along to their annual Christmas Fair.


The RSPCA launched its ‘Everyday Hero’ campaign earlier this month, which urges all of us to do what we can to improve animal welfare, whether it is reporting a case of cruelty, donating unwanted clothes to an RSPCA charity shop or putting food out for the birds in our garden.


This … Continue reading…

RSPCA welcomes decision as ‘game changing’


We have hailed a historic decision by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to uphold a ban on seal products that are a product of the cruel seal hunting industry.

In 2010 the EU ban prohibited the trade in products from all commercial seal hunts, including those in Canada, Namibia and Norway (although it does not affect sealing by Inuit and other indigenous peoples).

Seal hunting ‘cruel and unnecessary’

At the time animal welfare … Continue reading…


The RSPCA is announcing a change in the way that reports of lost and found animals are logged.  From 1 December 2013, members of the public will be asked to go to Pets if they have lost a pet or found an uninjured stray domestic animal.


From 1 December, anyone who wishes to report a missing pet or tell us about an uninjured stray they have found will be asked to go to to register the animal’s … Continue reading…