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The RSPCA Council discusses plans for the charity and makes the decisions that will affect how we deal with animal issues in the future.

There are five national seats on the Council to be filled in the 2014 election.

Nomination forms will be available from Friday 3 January 2014. The deadline for the return of completed forms is Friday 7 March 2014. If you’re interested in standing as a candidate in the national election and would like further information, please contact our executive office.

The Executive Office
Wilberforce Way
RH13 9RS

Further information about nominations for the 2014 RSPCA national Council election will be published here when the nomination forms become available.

Election of regional representatives

In addition to their role as an RSPCA Council member, the duties of a regional representative are concerned largely with representing regional and branch views at Council.

Our branches are separately registered charities that contribute substantially to the provision of animal welfare and other services throughout England and Wales.

Regional representatives are elected every three years and there are 10 regional seats to be filled in 2014.

In January 2014 all branch secretaries will be notified that the elections of regional representatives are to take place. Branch secretaries are required to bring the matter before their branch committee for the purposes of nominating a candidate.

Branch secretaries must return completed nomination forms to the Chief Executive by Friday 31 January 2014.

Read more about the RSPCA Council and the role of charity trustees.

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