Four of our rescue horses found new homes at Your Horse Live last weekend (9 and 10 November) when we took horses and ponies to the event for the first time.

Spike before © RSPCAWe took four animals from our Gonsal Farm Equine Centre near Shrewsbury to the event at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.  Our equine officers spent two very busy days answering enquiries and providing information at the Norbrook Rescue Village, alongside other equine charities.

Two of the horses that charmed visitors at the event and will go to great new homes, are Spike and Tulip.

Spike was one of seven ponies found in a flooded field where he was standing deep in mud and surrounded by hazards like plastic, nails and metal.  He had a deep wound in his neck that had been left untreated, causing major muscle and tissue damage.

Although Spike recovered he still has a three-inch long indent in his neck.  He took to being a ridden pony very well and for one lady at Your Horse Live he was too much fun to resist and she offered him a new home.

Tulip was in a poor condition when she was found

Tulip after © RSPCATulip was one of a group of 14 horses that were in very poor condition and were underweight when they were found.  She was put on a feeding and worming programme and made a good recovery.  When she was strong enough staff started working with this sweet natured mare in preparation to back her.

Tulip was taken to Your Horse Live as she behaves impeccably and a family fell in love with her over the weekend and offered her a new home.

As well as the four horses that found new homes, we managed to find potential homes for several other horses, whose stories and photos were also featured.  Equine officers took the opportunity to tell visitors what we do and how we work to rehabilitate sick, injured and cruelly treated horses, ponies and donkeys.

Once home visits have been carried out the horses will go to their new homes.

RSPCA Chief Inspector and national equine coordinator Cathy Hyde, said:

“It is absolutely fantastic that we had so much interest in our horses and it was a great opportunity to answer questions about the work we do.


“For the past two years we’ve taken rescued horses and ponies to events and we’ve been really successful in finding them new homes as a result.  Many of them have even gone on to compete in national competitions.


“We currently have about 800 equines in our care, so we are so grateful to Your Horse Live for giving us the opportunity to let the best horse owners know how rewarding it can be to adopt an animal and show them that we have such a variety of horses and ponies needing new homes.”

Find out more about rehoming a horse from the RSPCA.

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