The RSPCA is investigating after a dog was found emaciated, bald and covered in sores in the Carley Hill area of Sunderland.


The female Lurcher walked out in front of a car on the afternoon of Monday 8 July and the driver took her to a veterinary practice.


RSPCA inspector Jaqui Miller said: “This dog was in a dreadful condition.


“I’m hoping that someone will see these pictures and get in touch to tell us who owned … Continue reading…


We’re urging animal lovers to join a peaceful demonstration against the cruel and unnecessary trade in live animal exports from the Port of Dover this Saturday.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday, 3 August between 12-3pm at the Eastern Docks roundabout in Dover, Kent.


Animals forced to travel in cruel conditions

Every year millions of animals – some as young as two weeks old – are transported throughout Europe. Many suffer from stress, exhaustion and thirstContinue reading…

RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Anthony Joynes was heading down the M56 for a day in the office yesterday when he heard on the traffic news a report that sheep were loose on the motorway and raced to the scene where he rounded them up in no time after they had caused several hours of traffic chaos on a major motorway.

Deputy chief inspector Joynes said: “I heard on the radio that there was an unusual cause of the congestion up … Continue reading…