A puppy with a broken right leg and a serious wound to its left leg has been dumped on the pavement outside a vets in Leighton Buzzard in the middle of the night.


The puppy, who is believed to be a Spaniel/Jack Russell cross, was left on the pavement in the dark in the middle of an industrial estate off Grovebury Road with no shelter and no food and water.


It is believed to be about four months old and has a white body with a black head and a speckled white muzzle.


RSPCA animal welfare officer Peter Warne said: “If anyone can tell us who the owner of this puppy is can they please call our inspector information line on 0300 123 8018?


“We have had quite a spate of dumped, injured animals in this area and I would like to remind owners that they have a duty of care to their pets and must have insurance or the ability to pay for them in the event that they have an accident or fall ill.”