On Friday, 9 August Anna Roberts, co-founder of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF),  sadly passed away.

Anna and Peter Robers © Compassion in World FarmingAnna and her husband Peter founded CIWF in 1967 to protest the issue of factory farming based on concerns for farm animal welfare.

Today the CIWF is the leading global organisation solely devoted to improving farm animal welfare.

Our chief executive Gavin Grant, said:

 We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Anna Roberts, the inspirational co-founder of Compassion in World Farming.


She was dedicated to improving farm animal welfare around the world and because of her thousands of animals have led and will continue to lead happier and healthier lives.


Our thoughts are with Anna’s family, friends and colleagues at this time and hope they find comfort in knowing that hers was a legacy which will live on.

CAWF’s work for farm animals

We have worked closely with CIWF on a number of issues, most recently in our battle to end long distance live transport.

Over the years CIWF has helped to improve the lives of millions of farmed animals.  Read more about their history and achievements.