She may only be just eight weeks old but already little Fleur has endured more in her short life than many animals will ever face in a lifetime.


Fleur the German Shepherd/Husky puppyLittle Fleur was born with a hole in her heart and will also need to have one of her legs amputated due to a deformity.


But despite having to deal with these terrible health issues, RSPCA staff say Fleur is a unique bundle of fun – who they desperately want to rehome to a loving family.


Fleur came in to the society’s care when she was just five weeks old – her mother was a Rottweiler breed and her dad a German Shepherd/Husky cross.


Her owners said that the mating of their two dogs was an accident and sadly they could not afford the treatment that Fleur needed and that is why she was handed over to RSPCA care.


Fleur was born with a deformed leg which will need to be removed when she is 12 weeks old.


At the moment she gets by by shuffling along.


She is currently being cared for by staff at the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre and Hospital in Frankley.


It was during a health check at the hospital that it was discovered she had a heart murmur.


She was then scanned and the murmur was identified as a hole in her heart.


At this stage it is thought that the hole may not cause her problems in later life, but she will have to be monitored.


Rebecca Willby, hospital director at Birmingham, said: “We estimate that if Fleur was to have this operation at a private vet it would cost around £500, but the RSPCA is willing to pay for this treatment and the care she has had so far.


“The reason she needs to have her deformed leg amputated is that at the moment she tends to try to lean on it and this is causing her to rotate the other foreleg in such a way that it is putting strain on it. By removing the deformed leg it is hoped that Fleur will adapt to using her one good foreleg appropriately.”


Elaine Buchan, manager at the Birmingham Animal Centre, said: “At this stage we are not sure what Fleur’s quality of life will be, but all we know is that we want to give her the chance that she so deserves.


“She may be absolutely fine and have no problems with her heart, or her missing leg, but there is a chance she may not live to normal life expectancy.


“We do not know at this stage if she will need ongoing treatment, which is why we are going to be looking for a very special home for Fleur, where her owners will understand that her life may be disadvantaged and she may be more expensive than other dogs.


“She is going to grow to be a big dog, so we really want her new owners to understand this and now we have given her a second chance we are hoping that someone out there will do the same for her.”


If you are interested in offering Fleur a new home you can either call 0300 123 8585 or visit the centre between 11am and 3.15pm every day except Tuesday. The address is Newbrook Farm, Frankley Green Lane, Frankley, Birmingham B32 4AX.


To help the RSPCA help animals like Fleur text HELP to 78866 to give £3 (texts costs £3 + the one standard network rate message).