Five bantams sealed in a cardboard box with no ventilation have been dumped on the drive of a chicken keeper in Telford.

Bantams feeding
Bantams feeding

The chickens were left around 0830 yesterday morning ( 1 August) at a house in Newcomen Way. The woman who found them said she thought they had been left there because she did keep chickens herself.



RSPCA inspector Elaine Williams said: “The box was clean but had no bedding in it and no food and water or ventilation. They were all very hungry and thirsty when they were let out of the box.


“Whoever did this took a big chance on them being found in time because it was an extremely hot day and they could have suffocated if they were not found in time.”


If anyone has any idea who left the chickens can they please call our inspector information line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for inspector Williams.


The bantams were taken to an RSPCA centre where they will be put up for rehoming once their health has been checked.


If you would like to help the RSPCA investigate abandonments like this you can give £3 by texting the word HELP to 78866 (texts cost £3 plus one standard network rate charge).