We’re urging animal lovers to join a peaceful demonstration against the cruel and unnecessary trade in live animal exports from the Port of Dover this Saturday.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday, 3 August between 12-3pm at the Eastern Docks roundabout in Dover, Kent.


Animals forced to travel in cruel conditions

Every year millions of animals – some as young as two weeks old – are transported throughout Europe. Many suffer from stress, exhaustion and thirst – some even die in transit.

When the trade was from Ramsgate RSPCA inspectors were invited to be at the port to observe what was going on – and warning notices were issued – but after the trade moved to Dover we were not allowed to go into the port by Dover Harbour Board.

Whilst at Ramsgate animals were found with defective watering and ventilation systems, animals were found with injuries and animals were forced to travel in unsuitable weather conditions. We now fear the same may happen at Dover.

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant said,

We want to make sure that holidaymakers who are sailing off to have a delightful time with their families on the continent understand that sadly from the Port of Dover animals are being shipped to a grisly fate in European abattoirs.


We want to urge those holidaymakers and all Dover residents to speak out and to send a very clear message to Dover Harbour Board that RSPCA inspectors should be inside the port looking at what is going on for those animals and that people should be doing everything they can to urge the government and the European Union to end this really grim trade.

There are now only cursory examinations of the animals at the port before they are loaded to begin their journey from Dover and the RSPCA is not allowed to see the animals at any time.


Time to end long distance live export

Grant added:

This trade has no place in a modern, civilised compassionate society like Britain and it really must stop. This is part of your community and the people of Dover must stand up and speak out – because the animals cannot do it for themselves.


We are urging the people of Dover to send a very clear message to Dover Harbour Board that RSPCA inspectors should be inside the port looking at what is happening to those animals.

We have consistently called on the Dover Harbour Board to allow our inspectors into the port, so they can ensure the welfare needs of the animals are being met and see that all rules and regulations are being adhered to by the transporters.

We are also pushing for permission to be on board the vessel that transports the animals across the English Channel (the Joline) so we can see the conditions the animals are being shipped in.

How you can help

We hope to see you at the demonstration on Saturday. This is the 21st century and there is no place for shipping live animals to their death, often without stunning, in abattoirs across Europe.


It is time we ended this vile trade.

Take action today – email Tim Waggot, Dover Harbour board chief executive asking him to accept the offer from our inspectors to monitor the trade and join the demonstration on Saturday.