Legislation promised by end of the year

Wednesday 17 July 2013


RSPCA Cymru has cautiously welcomed plans by the Welsh Government to introduce legislation to tackle fly grazing of the horses and ponies in Wales before the end of the year.

The plans were announced last night as part of the Welsh Government’s legislative priorities for 2013/14.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones AM, said he wanted the Welsh Government to deliver an effective solution to the problem of fly grazing by making those individuals who fly graze accountable for their actions.

The announcement comes at a time when equine problems in Wales are at crisis point. The situation was highlighted recently with the case of horse trader Tom Price who was found guilty of 57 animal welfare and cruelty charges and is thought to own 2,500 horses across Wales and England.

RSPCA Cymru Head of External Affairs, Claire Lawson said: “We welcome the Welsh Government’s plans to tackle this long-standing problem and hope the legislation will be strong and effective if the current situation is to be reversed.

“In response to the consultation on equines, we emphasised the need for better legislation, traceability, education, enforcement, resources for local authorities and sharing best practice.

“We hope these solutions will form part of the new legislation and look forward to working with the Welsh Government in bringing  it forward”.