A new survey by our Freedom Food scheme today reveals some people don’t even know the basics when it comes to food and farming – even which farm animals fly and which ones walk.

Chicken with trotters © Freedom FoodWhen given a list of food delicacies – including two spoof ones – and asked to indicate which they had tried, one in 10 people astonishingly said they had tasted ‘chicken trotters’. In addition, eight per cent of the respondents said they had tried ‘pigs’ wings’.

This is despite the fact that 72 per cent of people questioned in the One Poll survey – carried out by the charity Freedom Food to mark Farm Animal Week (15 to 21 July) – said they had visited a real working farm with animals.

According to Freedom Food – our food labelling scheme – it is time people re-connected with where their food comes from, and the lives of the animals that produce it. The scheme’s chief executive, David Squair, explains:

 “There is no ‘might’ about it; some people actually think pigs do fly and chickens trot, so I’m not sure what animals they have seen when visiting farms.  But all jokes aside, this is worrying.


Pig with wings © Freedom Food“The majority of farm animals are kept in conditions which don’t fully meet their welfare needs.  If people knew more about the provenance of the food they eat and the lives of the animals that produce it, they are more likely to care about how those animals are looked after.”

In response to the problem, throughout Farm Animal Week Freedom Food is asking people to help farm animals by finding out more about how they are reared and choose higher welfare labelled food such as Freedom Food, which means the farms have been monitored by us.

Squair added:

“It’s simple really – the more people that choose higher welfare labels like Freedom Food, the more farmers will be encouraged to adopt higher welfare standards and the more farm animals will have a better life.”

Get involved this Farm Animal Week

Farm Animal Week is Freedom Food’s annual awareness-raising week and there are lots of ways to get involved and help farm animals:

  • Switch at least one item in your shopping basket to a higher welfare product such as Freedom Food.
  • —Pop into Sainsbury’s where they will be donating 5p to us to support its farm animal work when shoppers buy selected Freedom Food labelled products.
  • Vote for your favourite snap in the Fab Farm Animals photo contest during the week.
  • —Look out for chances to win a copy of Freedom Food’s latest Celebrity Recipe Collection, featuring Jamie Oliver.
  • Follow Freedom Food on Facebook and Twitter where there will be lots of activity including news, fun facts, videos, and a Q&A with our pig welfare expert.
  • Take action for farm animals and visit our campaigns page to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible.

Freedom Food helps farm animals

Nearly 47 million farm animals are being reared under Freedom Food. That means 47 million farm animals are having a better life, where they benefit from being cared for to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

Did you know, in the UK?

  • More than 60 per cent of farmed Scottish salmon are now under the Freedom Food scheme.
  • The majority of un-caged, egg laying hens (free-range and barn) are benefitting from our standards under Freedom Food.
  • Nearly 30 per cent of pigs are now having a better life under Freedom Food.
  • There are about 1,400 different Freedom Food labelled products – including eggs, chicken, duck, salmon, pork and veal – available in many major supermarkets and small independents.

For more information on how Freedom Food is helping farm animals, download a copy of its latest Impact Report 2012 from www.freedomfood.co.uk/impactreport

We can’t do it without you

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