A hedgehog had a lucky escape after falling down a 12 foot hole on a building site.

Hedgehog rescue © RSPCAWe were called after the prickly animal got stuck down the deep man-made cavity in Faversham, Kent on the 6 June. The hedgehog had tried to make his own escape by digging a bigger hole but had no way out without help.

Animal Collection Officer Brian Milligan said he would normally use a ladder to climb down and rescue the animal but in this case the hole was too narrow.

Instead it took him 20 minutes of manoeuvering long poles and a net to coax the hedgehog out to safety.

He said:

There’s no way this poor hog would have survived without some help.


“He was miraculously unhurt by the fall but just would not have been able to get out on his own – the hole was so deep. It may have taken some time but he would have eventually starved to death.


“It is an issue with construction sites and man-made holes such as these, as they are often hazards for wildlife. If they become trapped like this they can suffer greatly and if not found then can suffer a slow and painful death through starvation or injury.


Hedgehog after © RSPCA“In this case he was particularly difficult to get at because as well as being so deep the hole was also incredibly narrow. We could not use a ladder to climb down as we normally would. It took a good 20 minutes or so using poles and a net to gradually persuade the hedgehog to be successfully rescued.


“We do all we can to rescue them but are reliant on the public to help by letting us know when they find an animal in distress such as this.”

The hedgehog was unharmed so was immediately released to a safe spot nearby.

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