Peregrine and bear it!

Falcon fledgling lands on car roof



Friday 14 June 2013


The RSPCA made an unusual collection earlier this week when we were called to rescue a Peregrine Falcon from the top of a car.


The bird of prey was found in a car park on Bath Road, Bournemouth, at about 9.30 on Tuesday morning (11 June) and the RSPCA was called after a member of the public thought she was struggling to move around.


Animal welfare officer (AWO) Sue Brooks attended and caught the Peregrine, which was soaking wet.  The young bird, thought to have fledged only a few days before, was then taken to the town’s Hawk Conservancy Trust to be examined.


AWO Brooks said:  “We are used to rescuing all sorts of wild birds when they crash land or get into difficulty but it’s quite unusual to come across a Peregrine Falcon.


“Usually, with uninjured fledglings we advise people to leave them alone as their parents will be nearby.  However, this bird was soaking wet, thin and would not have found her way back to her nest.


“Luckily I was able to catch her and it’s great that we have the Hawk Conservancy Trust nearby who could take her and give her the care she needed.”


Kim Kirkbride from the Hawk Conservancy Trust said:  “This Peregrine was a little thin but uninjured so we are feeding her and then hope to return her to the area she came from as it is likely her nest is nearby.Peregrine falcon June cropped


“We have to get her back as soon as we can as this is a crucial stage in a Peregrine’s life – the parents teach them to hunt when they are fledglings so we want to make sure she doesn’t miss out on this important training.


“Unlike other birds, Peregrine parents will usually accept their young back to the nest so there should be a happy ending for this youngster.”


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