Four cats found dumped in Bicester

RSPCA appeals for information



Thursday 13 June 2013


The RSPCA is appealing for information after four cats were found dumped in a cardboard box in Buckingham Road, Bicester.


The female cats had been left in the taped up box behind a petrol station and were found on Tuesday morning (11 June) by a passer-by who was on her way to work.


The cats are thought to be middle aged and were not microchipped or wearing collars, although it appeared that they may have worn collars in the past.  They are all different colours – a tabby, a tabby and white, a grey and white and a black and white and all are short-haired.  They appear to be in reasonable condition.


The cats are now in the care of the Oxfordshire Branch of the RSPCA after being collected by inspector Andy Eddy.


Inspector Eddy said:  “Whoever dumped these cats showed no thought for their safety or well being.  I can’t imagine how anyone can just abandon their pets in this way.


“Many cat rescue organisations are full at the moment because people still fail to get their pets chipped or neutered, but if someone really can’t cope they should contact a welfare charity for advice.”


Those with information should contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.


Anyone wishing to rehome a cat from the RSPCA Oxfordshire Branch should visit for more information.Dumped cat2 June small