Valour the new-born foal is recovering after being abandoned on Coity Common near Bridgend on Monday 13 May.

When RSPCA Inspector Nick de Celis was called out to check on a new-born foal, he fully expected to be looking for a mare and its new foal.

Inspector de Celis said:

When I arrived around 4.30pm there was no sign of the mare, only the foal which was so young it was still attached to the afterbirth.

The council horse wardens were looking for the mare on the common but had no success.

Inspector de Celis added:

The early hours and days of a foal’s life are crucial to building their immunity from the mother’s first milk – so this poor little animal had missed out and was clearly in a bad way, so we called local Maes Glas Vets for help and got the little foal to them as quickly as we could.

New born foal Valour © RSPCAMaes Glas Vets wasted no time naming the new-born animal Valour and giving him the vital hourly colostrum replacement, which he was missing from the missing mare. Vet staff stayed with Valour overnight to ensure he had regular feeds and the best chance of survival.

Sarah Head, one of the partners at the Maes Glas Veterinary Group said:

We were all thrilled that Valour made it through the night. He had such a poor start to life and desperately needed hydration when he came in. Valour’s not out of the woods yet and he won’t start building his own immunity for two to three months so he’s still at risk, but we’re hopeful that he will make it.

Valour has now been moved to an equine specialist near Swansea, where he is being hand-reared but he may be moved to a foster mare if one can be found.

Can you help?

If you can help with further information on the abandoned foal or a foster mare – one that has recently lost a foal and with a suitable temperament – please call the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector de Celis.

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