Thursday 4 April 2013

A sheep thought to have slipped down a cliff face at Thornwick Bay, Flamborough near Bridlington, East Yorkshire has been rescued and is making a good recovery.


Specially trained officers from the RSPCA’s North of England rope and water rescue teams met local RSPCA inspectors Geoff Edmond and Claire Mitchell at the scene yesterday lunchtime (Wednesday 3 April) and began what turned into a four hour operation to save the sheep.


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The RSPCA’s West Hatch animal centre in Taunton is searching for good homes for four rare breed pigs that came into their care as a result of a prosecution.

The four sows are Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and are two years old and weigh around 200 kilos each.


Plum is a grey pig with black spots and Pudding, Sandy and Oxford are all sandy with black spots.


RSPCA animal centre supervisor Anastasia Rosenberg said: “All four pigs … Continue reading…