THE RSPCA is desperately trying to find new homes for some young horses which had been dumped by their careless owners.

Over the past year the RSPCA has seen a huge increase in the amount of horses being disowned or allowed to get in to appalling states.

This has led to hundreds of horses, many of them young, coming into RSPCA care.

Among those looking for a new home or a place in a foster home are Admiral, Bart, and Solider.

All were found either dumped or abandoned and all are now in need of loving new homes.

RSPCA equine inspector Polly Underwood said: “These are just some of the horses currently in our care in desperate need of foster or permanent new homes.

“I cover the areas of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire and sometimes even further afield and the problem regarding horses stretches far and wide.

“We seem to have a never ending tide of young horses coming in to our centres and we need the public’s help in offering new homes for them.”

Last year the RSPCA reported that it faced a huge £3.2million bill just to care for the influx of ponies and horses – which does not include vet bills or prosecution costs.

Those looking for new homes in the East Midlands area are:

—  Admiral – 2 years old, friendly gentle giant. Found straying on a road only recently come in RSPCA care (from the Yorkshire area)

—  Bart – 8 months old, cheeky dwarf like pony, abandoned and left with no food and water been in RSPCA care five months (from the Norfolk area)

—  Soldier – 8 months old, quiet but friendly and gentle, abandoned in a thin condition – been with the RSPCA a month (from the South Bucks area)

Anyone interested in offering one of these horses a new home is urged to call Inspector Underwood on the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Last year in England, 146 people were served with a summons relating to horse welfare, compared to 119 in 2011, a 23% rise.  The number of charges rose from 426 in 2011 to 779 in 2012.

The RSPCA in England also received more than 23,000 complaints about horse welfare in 2012 (23,765), with an extra 2,207 received in Wales.