Video footage released by the RSPCA shows a badger being rescued from
a snare near Swansea.

You can watch the rescue at

RSPCA officer Neill Manley rescued the animal in Parkmill on 18 March.
The badger was examined and is currently in the care of the RSPCA.

Commenting on the rescue, inspector Manley said: “This incident
highlights the dangers of using snares. It’s actually illegal to
ensnare badgers, birds and deer but this instrument may have been
intended for other wild animals. This was a free running snare, which
are legal but they must be checked regularly and must not be set where
a non-target species can access them”.

We are opposed to the use of snares and think they should be banned
because all too often RSPCA inspectors come across situations where
they have caused extreme suffering to animals because they have not
been set up properly and regularly inspected.”

To help the RSPCA with rescues like this, you can give £3 now by
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