An RSPCA worker is appealing for donations of antibiotics and other treatments for cats for a trip she is taking in July to Sardinia to try to help neuter some of the islands feral cats.

 The majority of cats in Sardinia are undomesticated and live in colonies bossed by one cat who may be male or female.

They live under whatever shelter they can find and survive by scavenging food from humans or by hunting wildlife.

Ann-Marie Upton, manager of the RSPCA clinic at 1 Camberwell Station Road in London is going to the island for a week at the end of July with colleagues from the Wildlife Lodge and Romney House Cat Rescue.

They are hoping to trap and neuter a significant amount of cats to try to reduce the populations and make it easier for people on the island to feed and care for the cats.

Ann-Marie said:”Many of the cats have eye and ear conditions that are simple to treat but which cause them a lot of pain and irritation.
“We need donations of antibiotics, flea treatments, worming tablets, eye and ear cream or,  failing that, money so that we can buy those things.”

The team have been offered free accommodation on the island and are looking for a vet to join them in future trips out there.

If you are interested please contact Ann-Marie Upton on 0300 123 0713 / 07809 892350 or email her at