RSPCA officer Steve Wickham put his first aid training in use in helping a schoolgirl run over by a car in Shoreham-by-sea in West Sussex on Tuesday morning.


Steve, who spends his days rescuing animals, was passing a school when he saw a girl sitting in the road and clearly injured and in distress.


She had an injury to her lower leg just above the ankle and a bone was sticking out. She told Steve that she had been knocked over by a car.


Steve, who is an animal welfare officer, has advanced first aid training because of his membership of the RSPCA’s specialist water rescue team which gets sent out to help animals who are in trouble because of flooding.


He was able to stabilise and comfort her until the ambulance came.


Steve said: “I am more used to rescuing cats, dogs, horses and wildlife but I did just what anyone in my situation would have done and stopped to help.”