AN RSPCA inspector was called out to one of her most bizarre rescues ever – to save a dog which was stuck in a bath plug hole.


Inspector Jennie Ronksley was called out on Monday 4 March to the property in Wheata Road, Sheffield.


Little Emma, a Yorkshire terrier, had her foot stuck completely in the plug hole of a bath and her new owner could not get her free.

Emma and her sister Bonnie, who are both around 12 years old, were being given a bath at their new home after they had recently been rescued and taken on by their new owner.


Carly Jarvis, whose mum has taken on the pair, said she had gone to her mother’s house to help bath the dogs when the drama unfolded.


She said: “It was all going fine, the pair were a bit smelly and after giving them a couple of days to settle in their new home, we decided it was time for a bath.


“But when we pulled the plug out of the bath as the water started to go down, we realised that little Emma had got her foot stuck firmly in the plug hole and there was nothing we could do.”


Carly called the RSPCA and inspector Ronksley attended. The dog’s foot was firmly stuck and in the end they had to remove the whole of the plug and take out a bath panel.


She said:” Little Emma was stuck for over half an hour and was clearly in pain as she yelped constantly whilst we tried to free her.

“The bath was taken apart and eventually the dog’s foot along with the plug hole was removed from the bath.


“There was a happy ending but this is one of the more unusual rescues I’ve had.”

Carly did take the dog to the vet, but it wasn’t open, so instead they took Emma home again and Carly’s husband managed to clip the plug off using some tin snips. Once free the little dog was immediately happier and her wound was treated.


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