Friday 8 February 2013

The RSPCA North of England water rescue team has been nominated for a BBC Radio York Flood Hero Award.


They have been nominated by the owners of two donkeys – four year old ‘Noah’ and 15 year old ‘David Crockett’ – rescued during last year’s floods in North Yorkshire.


The team, led by RSPCA chief inspector Mark Gent, has been put forward in the ‘Most Helpful Individual or Team’ category.


Chief inspector Gent … Continue reading…

Friday 8 February 2013

The RSPCA is offering runners the chance to take part in the biggest half marathon in the world, the Bupa Great North Run, this September. The ballot closed on Monday, and those who were lucky enough to get a place have been notified by today (Friday 9 February).


RSPCA regional fundraising manager Amy Smith said: “There will be a lot of very disappointed runners out there today, who didn’t manage to get a place in … Continue reading…

A small female spaniel puppy has been found tied to a road sign on the lane leading to the RSPCA’s Block Fen animal centre near March in Cambridgeshire.

The chocolate-coloured spaniel was found by a dog walker tied to a metal ‘passing place’ sign by an oversized red slip lead.


She is about eight-weeks-old and is suffering from a hernia in her groin.


Jackie Williams, RSPCA manager of Block Fen animal centre, said: “We have called her Freya … Continue reading…

Shotgun Red Kite

The RSPCA is currently caring for a rare bird of the prey – a Red Kite – after it crashed landed into an electric fence after being fired at with a shotgun.


The bird was found by a member of the public in a field on Saturday 2 February in Sleap Harmer Hill near Shrewsbury. It was seen spiralling out of the sky before crash landing into an electric fence in a field. It then stayed motionless as if … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is seeking information on who abandoned an elderly female cat in a carrier near the gates of a derelict property called Danbury Palace, which was a former residence of the Bishop of Rochester.

The cat, a tabby and white domestic shorthair, was found by a security guard doing his rounds at 13:45 on Tuesday 5 February. It was a cold day with occasional light snow showers and she was in a white cage with a scrap of towel … Continue reading…