The RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre near West Malling, Kent, is desperately seeking new homes for 11 cats including a rather dashing cat named Depp.


Some of the centre’s cats recently had a virus called calicivirus.  This is a virus that normally causes mouth sores and cold like symptoms and only showed up in the animals after they had had anaesthetics, for example for neutering.


Staff now need to disinfect and deep clean the whole cattery but they can’t do that whilst the 11 cats are still there.


Animal centre manager, Christine Dooley, said:  “These 11 cats are recovered and our veterinary surgeons have passed them as well and fit to be rehomed.  They are not a risk to other vaccinated cats, so people really shouldn’t be concerned about rehoming them.


“We would dearly love to find these cats loving homes as at the moment we have something of a stalemate as we can’t take in new cats until we have intensively disinfected the cattery and we can’t do that until our little group of 11 have all gone to their new homes.”


The cats include Depp (pictured) who is a beautiful six-year-old smoky grey cat with movie star looks to live up to his name.  He is quite sensitive so he needs structure and routine and he would prefer to be the only pet in a house where he can thrive and settle down.


Kitty Kat is a five year old black cat who came to the RSPCA in May after she fell from a first floor window.  As a result she sadly lost one of her legs but she still loves to play and chase toys.   Kitty Kat needs to be an only cat.


Christine added:  “By giving one of these cats a new home you will be helping so many more as we can then take in some of the many ill-treated and neglected cats which desperately need our help and find new homes for them too.  At the moment the waiting list of cats still needing tom come into us is growing and growing and we just can’t take them in.


“All our cats are microchipped, neutered, vet checked and are up to date with their vaccinations.”


Anyone interested in rehoming a cat from RSPCA Leybourne should contact the centre on 0300 123 0751 and have a look at some of the cats that need new homes at