The RSPCA is warning about the dangers of careless use of antifreeze after a vet reported five cats had been poisoned in the same road in Sevenoaks in Kent.


RSPCA inspector Andrew Kirby said: “Five cases of suspected antifreeze poisoning in the same road in the space of a week suggests someone has been careless with antifreeze and spilled some or put some out deliberately.”


Two cats have died, one has been put to sleep and two more are receiving treatment for damage to their kidneys.


The incidents started happening around Friday 11 January.


There is a small wood behind the houses in Hillingdon Rise and this was searched for signs of anything suspicious.


Inspector Kirby said: “The snow on the ground may have covered up any evidence but last year several foxes were found dead in the same area with similar symptoms of poisoning.


“The key thing for pet owners to do is to try to detect the symptoms early. Look for ulcers on their tongues or excessive drooling. The faster you can get them to a vet, the better.”


Many people are unaware of the hidden dangers to pets and wildlife from antifreeze poisoning. Animals find the taste of antifreeze very attractive, but ingesting even the smallest amount can lead to kidney failure and death.


If you have any information on these poisonings please call in confidence the RSPCA’s inspector information line and leave a message for inspector Kirby on 0300 123 8018.


To help the RSPCA investigate cases like this text HELP to 78866 to give £3 (Text costs £3 + one standard network rate message).