The East Norfolk branch of the RSPCA wants to encourage more people to support them with a regular donation.

Last year, the branch rehomed nearly 200 animals including almost 160 cats, 13 dogs and nine  rabbits.

The vast majority of those were brought in by inspectors because they had been abandoned, or were injured or had been ill-treated.

Taking care of traumatised animals is very costly, as they often need a lot of time and patience as well as medical treatment before they are able to be rehomed.

RSPCA Branch Manager, Debra Cook, said:

“Since 1961 we have been holding regular, twice weekly, welfare clinics for animals and we find they are needed more than ever now – they enable pet owners on benefits access to subsidised veterinary care.

“We also put on animal action days to help local communities with neutering and microchipping their pets.

“We only have four regular donors and if we do not get in more donations, we will not survive.

“Please look at our website if you can help in any way and if any individual or business feels they can sponsor the welfare clinic we would be most grateful.”

It is easy to donate by Paypal on the website  and you can download a standing order form or collect one from any of the three RSPCA shops at North Walsham and in Regent Street and Caister Street in Great Yarmouth.

The next neutering and microchipping event is on February 17 at the RSPCA welfare clinic in Great Yarmouth, from 11 until 1.