Friday 11 January 2013


The RSPCA is sharing its joy at being shortlisted for the Benfield Charity Drive in Yorkshire which means it is in with a chance of sharing a £10,000 pot.


Benfield Motor Group donate 5% of their profits every year to community projects and charitable causes through the Benfield Charitable Trust.


The successful charities are voted for by the public and the final round to decide who benefits closes on 31 January.


Regional fundraising manager Amy Smith said: “I’m absolutely delighted that our supporters have got us shortlisted and I’d like to say a big thank you to them.


“Our inspectors and water rescue teams work hard day-in and day-out in the region to rescue abandoned, mistreated and unfortunate animals.


“It would be amazing to benefit from Benfield’s initiative, and we’re hoping those who’ve already voted to get us this far will do the same again.”


The Yorkshire region was particularly badly hit by flooding at the end of last year and the RSPCA’s specially trained water rescue team were called in to help. Five officers rescued two donkeys from a flooded field in the village of Cattal, York. The donkeys were eventually led to safety but the water was very deep and at one point the team were up to their necks in water and the donkeys were literally swimming. Funding is desperately needed to help support this work in order to ensure that similar provisions can exist long into the future.


Voting is taking place via Benfield’s Facebook page which can be found by logging in and searching for ‘Charity Drive’ or you can click on this link from a PC: or this link from  a mobile device: For more information about Benfield please visit their website:


Amy said: “We are a charity and rely entirely on donations so opportunities like this are vital. Please take a moment and vote if you can.”