RSPCA officers have rescued all 18 heifers from a truck that turned over in high winds near Pembrey, Carmarthenshire.

The incident happened on Wednesday 30 January at Brooklands farm in Penybedd, Pembrey. The area was exposed to strong gales and the truck overturned only five miles from its destination. Even though the vehicle ended up in a waterlogged ditch, RSPCA officers successfully
rescued all the trapped animals.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper said: “This was a very challenging situation but all … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two dogs were callously abandoned dangerously close to a flooded river.


The RSPCA received a call on Monday 28 January from a concerned member of the public who found the two dogs tied with twine to a tree at Trentside, Gunthorpe, Nottingham.


The dogs were taken to the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Shelter, and although one of the dogs was microchipped – efforts to find the current owner have been to no … Continue reading…

The RSPCA helped to rescue a springer spaniel from deep inside a foxhole in the scrub area at the back of Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath in London.


The black and white Springer spaniel apparently dashed through a hole in the fence surrounding a restricted area where gardeners keep their equipment at the historic house last Wednesday (23 January).


The owner realised there was a problem when she reached a mound with a foxes den burrowed in it. … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was strangled with a mobile phone charger and the socket shoved down his throat in a horrific incident of animal cruelty.
The body of the male cat was found by a horrified member of the public on 11 January in a walkway at Beacon Hill, Newark.
The Bengal cat was found with the car charger wrapped around his neck and had been dumped inside a plastic bag which was then inside … Continue reading…

Tuesday 29 January 2013


The RSPCA is appealing for information after an injured puppy was found in an alleyway in Brotton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire.


The tiny girl, thought to be aged around four weeks old and far too young to be away from her mother, was wandering in the alley to the rear of Jackson Street on Sunday afternoon (25 January 2013).


RSPCA inspector Emma Stainthorpe said: “A member of the public found her and took her … Continue reading…