The RSPCA is appealing for information after two French bulldogs were found abandoned in a “despicable” condition in a Burton park.

The male dogs, around three years old, both have a severe skin condition and overgrown claws – with one of the dogs having claws which curled under into the pads of his foot.

Neither of them were wearing collars or were microchipped. Both dogs, who have been named Keith and Albert, are now in the RSPCA’s care.

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The RSPCA is investigating after a cat was shot in the neck with an air rifle in Liverpool.

Nine-year-old Polly had to have surgery after the pellet lodged in the vertebrae of her neck, in what could have been a fatal injury.

She was taken to Alder Vets, in Eaton Road, by her worried owners after she returned home walking abnormally on Wednesday last week (23 November).

RSPCA inspector Claire Fisher said: “Polly’s owners knew instantly something was wrong, and … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog with injuries consistent with fighting with badgers was found in Walsall.

The female Parson Russell terrier-type dog, thought to be aged around eight to 10 years old, is missing part of her bottom jaw. She was found in Chester Road, near Brownhills, by a member of the public on Monday (28 November).

The dog, who has been named Elf, was wearing a radio transmitter attached to a red collar – a … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after four baby rabbits were dumped on the doorstep of a Rugeley home.

The bunnies – three males and one female, all around five weeks old – were found at the front door of a house in Curzon Place on Friday evening (25 November). They had been placed in two cat carriers.

RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnson, who is investigating, said they could have been there for hours. “It was very cold during the day … Continue reading…

A hedgehog was rescued by the RSPCA after he had got himself tangled in netting used to cover a household recycling box.

Now the animal welfare charity is urging people to avoid using the netting if possible as it can be harmful to wildlife.
RSPCA inspector Helen Mead was called to rescue the hog from the box outside a house in Pelican Place, in Witney, Oxfordshire, on Saturday (26 November).
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